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The Book of Revelation : a study of the last prophetic book of Holy Scripture

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The Book of Revelation : a study of the last prophetic book of Holy Scripture

Published 1919
Topics Bible

"The text of the old version is used and is printed at the top of each subject." -- Foreword

Publisher Fox Chase (Phila., Pa.) : C. Larkin
Pages 252
Possible copyright status NOT_IN_COPYRIGHT
Language English
Call number 387075
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Book contributor Princeton Theological Seminary Library
Collection Princeton; americana
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Reviewer: timeisshort - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 29, 2014
Subject: The next take while you can...

How to be saved, have eternal life, and find God

[[ experience unconditional love, spend Eternity with God, and all others who have made the choice to be forgiven and
reconciled to Him]]

Every Breath you breathe is a gift from God. No one knows how much time they have.

No one who delays and then dies, thought that their time to live here would be up.
Suddenly its too late.

Make the choice, while you can.

Reviewer: Holograph - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 30, 2013
Subject: Interesting Books and Series
Revelation by Larkin is an interesting book (like many of his other ones). At least it is a starting place...Here are some others

in case these leads are useful...

The Rapture - The Blessed Hope of The Child of God – Series in MP 4

The Rapture – Part 01 – ( MP4 ) ; -- The Rapture – Part 02 – ( MP4 ) ; -- The Rapture – Part 03 – ( MP4 ) ;

The Rapture – Part 04 – ( MP4 ) ; -- The Rapture – Part 05 – ( MP4 ) ; -- The Rapture – Part 06 – ( MP4 ) ; -- or Part 06 here ;

The Rapture – Part 07 – ( MP4 ) ; -- The Rapture – Part 08 – ( MP4 ) ; -- The Rapture – Part 09 – ( MP4 ) ; -- The Rapture – Part 10 – ( MP4 ) ; -- The Rapture – Part 11 – ( MP4 ) ; -- The Rapture – Part 12 – ( MP4 ) ;


spiritual armour ;

The Book of Revelation - a study [ MANY CHARTS ] of the last prophetic book ;

Jesus is Coming - (Rapture) (Million copy bestseller ) ;

The New Testament in Accurate Greek ;


Book of Revelation in Ancient Greek ;

social architecture of the new order (the real HG Wells) ;

Quiet steps of the New Order - Disapearance of USA, replacement with North American Union – ( MP4) ;

How to respond to nwo ; or

The rulers or the People – Direct Download PDF ;

Hidden Dangers of False Spiritual movements ;

hidden behind global forces ;

Hidden truths about the 666 mark (rather deep) ;

Global makeover - back to the stone age ;


Concerning some in Judaism ; and or

The history of the ten lost tribes ;

False doctrine of the sacred name only (without salvation) [ MANY CHARTS] ;

Who is the Messiah - proved from Ancient Scriptures ;

The Ancient Term - the Fear of the Lord (MP4) ;

Questions about the accuracy of the Bible ;

The books of the Old and New Testaments proved to be canonical ;

Why the Older Versions such as the Old King James Version are more accurate – MP3 ;


Why Trust The Bible (mp4) ;

Questions about the selection of the books of the Old Testament and New Testament ;

Why is the historic text of the New Testament trustworthy ; (Good but somewhat technical)

What did the Ancient Christians believe about Deity of Jesus Christ ;

Early Christian texts on the Trinity ;


If you care about your SOUL - How to be saved, and find God, and have eternal life ;

Gospel of John - A place to start for those who want to know more ;

Holy Bible - the Authorized version (KJV) published in 1611 ;

The Geneva Bible ;

Spanish Reina-Valera New Testament –1602 ;

The canon of the Old and New Testaments established throughout History ;

/\/\ \/\/...
Reviewer: 4thefaith - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 13, 2013
Subject: Revelation
This is a good book. it is certainly a place to start. It has CHARTS and ILLUSTRATIONS, and explanations. That is good.

It does not contain everything. Though for this unique time period, to have everything would be an enormous book. (Those who want to know more can study the work and commentaries of Ebenezer Henderson, or Rawlinson on the truth of the scriptures, for example).

It does not formally address the issue of the incoming alien invasion, the return to the planet of the race of fallen angels who originally tried to destroy the humans by corrupting their DNA. All that would be too much to take in, especially for when this was written. Still the material is there for those who seek it in the work of Pember (1800s) or IDE Thomas (not found here, yet).

So this book is an encouragement. It does give people an understanding of all of the events that will occur while humans are actually trying to exist during the seven year period of Tribulation. Not that I would wish that on anyone. but for those who thought it was all a big joke until those events happened, this book is at least a starting point. It just goes to show you, when God thinks, acts and does things, He does them on a God-Scale.

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